STILL’s new Hungarian premises handed over

STILL’s new Hungarian premises handed over

STILL’s new Hungarian premises handed over

STILL’s new, 3000 square metre Tatabánya premises now officially handed over, implemented by REscon and constructed by Leier.

The background

Three years ago STILL made the decision that in order to maintain their growth they were in need of brand new premises that satisfies the special demands of the 21st century. This was followed by a lengthy needs assessment and planning phase, which was managed by REscon experts.

The challenge

STILL had conceived the idea of a new base where, in addition to their warehousing needs and servicing operations, the office personnel also had a comfortable work environment, and which could be easily accessed by truck and had modern infrastructure. REscon then drew up the “Ideal Space Plan” and the “Ideal Tech Spec” according to the surveyed demands, on the basis of this they identified the ideal location.

In the end it was Leier Monolit Kft. that won the opportunity to implement the project and undertook to construct STILL’s new Hungarian centre on the plot in Tatabánya. The modern property customised to the company’s special demands was completed at the end of February this year.


STILL, a leading supplier of forklifts, warehouse forklifts, transport vehicles and automated intralogistics systems, now operates in the new building, with this closing a long and complex process during which the earlier plans were implemented under the leadership of REscon’s specialists. In connection with the project Kristóf Bakos, REscon Managing Director said, “It’s very good to see the plans we drew up more than two years ago becoming reality. We went through some exciting months, during which the challenges involved both warm, pleasant moments and working weekdays demanding serious concentration. Now the new premises are complete, and the project counts as a milestone in REscon’s career. As this was one of our company’s most complex commissions to date, in which we participated in all work processes starting with needs assessment, then the selection of the location, and construction support. In addition it was implemented in the intensively developing western region of Hungary, meaning we too had expanded the territory of our services to beyond Budapest and the surrounding area.”

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