The Mito moved to a new office

The Mito moved to a new office

Case study
Mito reloaded: The communication agency moved to a new office

Mito’s office shows respect to history and traditions, but nevertheless, it reflects to the present time in every aspect.

Central Palace

Creative place, honest design

As a rapidly growing communication and development agency,  Mito outgrew its previous site in the second half of 2017. 

Since there was no office house on the market that fully corresponded with the demands, the consultants of REscon came up with an individual plan that involved a significant reconstruction to be implemented.

The choice fell on Central Palace Office House, a classicist-style apartment building near Ferenciek Square and after almost 3 months and various internal architectural modifications, a highly functionalistic concept was implemented with due respect to the building’s history and circumstances.

From the planning to the implementation, the work was a collective creative process with the participation of Mito’s owner, Balázs Kovács and his colleagues, and interior designer Krisztina Zatykó, architect Kristóf Bakos and real estate expert Miklós Saly on REscon’s part.  

Its originality – besides the extremely strong concept and some almost unnoticeable nuances – is provided by the walls which – initiated by the employees – display works of art and texts referring to internal company jokes. 

About the project

Designed for dynamic growth


When the team mostly consisting of members of the generation-Y working in the creative and digital sectors was looking for a new office, the inspiring proximity of the busy city center and the culinary and cultural variety of the vicinity were important factors. When choosing the location, one of the expectations of the business group with currently about 200 employees was to find a dog- and biker-friendly property with easy accessibility by public transportation.

From the point of view of tenant representation, one of the big challenges of the project was to create reassuring conditions for both the lessor and the lessee in establishing a dog-friendly office environment and to enable the property to have an indoor storage capacity for 45 bicycles. 

For the reconstruction plans of the café and the office building, Gábor Gereben and Dóra Pataky were awarded the Pro Architectura prize in 2000, who prepared the plans for the complete renovation of the building with the idea of „preservation by renewal”.

During the modifications made before moving in in the year 2018, the architects had the same approach in mind. The demolition only affected the plasterboard parts (false ceilings, partition walls), while the original walls and the available internal doors and windows were considered as given features.


During the project, new life was breathed into the historical location. In the area rented by Mito, the corridors and offices were opened and combined in each of the four floors. False ceilings were removed and wall-to-wall carpets and hard finishes were replaced with poured flooring. These few resolute modifications changed the box-like interior structure and removed the obstacles within the workspace. These reconsidered offices and the hot spots providing space for community activities encourage freedom in creativity and dialogues. The building engineering units became visible on the ceiling, strengthening the garage-atmosphere characteristic for the company.

Since the occupation there are 8 or 10 dogs coming to the building with their owners, so it was an obvious choice to install an easy-to-clean poured floor which is made of natural material and has a rustic appearance combined with natural-coloured rugs. At the same time, this durable surface animates the users to experiment. The floor can be made dirty, the furniture can be rearranged and making mistakes is okay too, since the consequences are reversible.

After the reconstruction, almost all rooms have become multi-purpose areas. Besides the easy-to-move furniture items, there are remaining floor boxes from the earlier extension and they can be used to alter the space on demand.


3000 m2

Bicycle and animal

45 pcs + 10 dogs

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